Why Does My Beagle Follow Me Everywhere? Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

beagle is sitting on the carpet inside the house and watching his owner

As a proud beagle owner, I have often found myself wondering Why Does My Beagle Follow Me Everywhere? It’s a common behavior among dogs, but it can be particularly strong in beagles. After some research and observation, I’ve come to understand the reasons behind this behavior. One reason why beagles follow their owners everywhere is … Read more

Brain Training for Dogs Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Your Dog’s Intelligence and Behavior

Brain Training for Dogs Review

Hi, my name is Donna Klein, I love dogs and I have 3 dogs (for now). Today I’m going to write about an online dog training course, Brain Training For Dogs, and give you my honest review of it. Firstly, is it possible to train your dog on your own through online modules and videos? This review is going … Read more

Beagle Crate Training at Night: 5 Expert Tips How to Do It Right

Beagle Crate Training at Night

Beagle Crate training at night can be a highly effective way to help your Beagle settle into a healthy sleep routine and provide them with a safe and secure sleeping environment. Beagles, known for their inquisitive and sometimes stubborn nature, can greatly benefit from crate training, especially during the nighttime hours. In this article, I … Read more

How to Deal with an Angry Beagle: Tips & Advice from Experts

angry beagle

As a dog owner, dealing with an angry beagle can be a challenging and stressful experience. Beagles are generally known for their friendly and affectionate nature, but like any other breed, they can display aggressive behavior. Understanding what triggers their aggression and how to train them can help you manage your dog’s behavior and prevent … Read more