How to Measure Beagle Height: 6 Simple Steps

Measuring a beagle’s height is an important task for pet owners and breeders alike. Knowing a beagle’s height can help determine if they are within the breed standard and can also assist in selecting the right size of crate or dog bed. It’s important to note that beagles come in two size categories: 13-inch and 15-inch. The height of a 13-inch beagle should be between 13 and 15 inches at the withers, while a 15-inch beagle should measure between 15 and 17 inches. By measuring a beagle’s height, pet owners and breeders can ensure that their dog is within the correct size range for their breed and make informed decisions about their care and comfort.

In this guide, I will explain how to measure beagle height accurately. By following these steps, it’s easy to determine a beagle’s withers height and ensure that they are within the correct size range for their breed.

Tools You’ll Need

Before we begin, gather the following tools:

  1. Measuring Tape: A flexible measuring tape is the most precise tool for this task.
  2. Assistant: Having a friend or family member to help you keep your Beagle still during the measurement can be very helpful.
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6 Steps to Measure Your Beagle’s Height

Follow these steps to measure your Beagle’s height accurately:

1. Prepare Your Beagle

  • Ensure your Beagle is calm and relaxed.
  • Ideally, have your Beagle stand on a level surface.

2. Position Your Beagle

  • Have your assistant gently but firmly hold your Beagle in a standing position.
  • Your Beagle’s front paws should be straight and close together.

3. Measure the Height

  • Place the measuring tape at the base of your Beagle’s front paws, ensuring it is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Carefully extend the tape upward along your Beagle’s front legs, following their body’s contours.
  • Stop at the highest point of your Beagle’s shoulders or withers, which is just before the neck meets the back. This is a crucial reference point for Beagle height.

4. Record the Measurement

  • Once you’ve reached the withers, note the measurement in inches or centimeters. Ensure the tape is taut but not tight against your Beagle’s body.

5. Double-Check if Needed

  • For added accuracy, you can repeat the measurement to confirm the result.

6. Keep a Record

  • Maintain a record of your Beagle’s height, including the date, for future reference, especially if you’re monitoring their growth.

Additional Tips

  • If your Beagle tends to wiggle or resist, consider using treats or toys to keep them still during the measurement.
  • Always measure your Beagle’s height when they are in a standing position. Avoid measuring when they are sitting or lying down, as this can lead to inaccurate results.
  • For Beagle puppies, it’s a good idea to measure their height periodically as they grow to ensure they are developing as expected.
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Needs Of Measuring Your Beagle’s Height

Selecting the Right-Sized Accessories

One of the most practical reasons to measure your Beagle’s height is to ensure that you select the right-sized accessories and equipment. Here are some examples:

  • Dog Crates: When choosing a crate for your Beagle, it’s crucial to have the correct size. A crate that is too small can be uncomfortable, while one that is too large might not offer the security and comfort that dogs seek.
  • Doggy Doors: If you have a doggy door, knowing your Beagle’s height ensures you install it at the right height, allowing them easy access to the outdoors.
  • Carriers: Whether you’re traveling or going to the vet, a properly sized carrier ensures your Beagle’s safety and comfort during transport.

Monitoring Growth and Health

Measuring your Beagle’s height over time can be a valuable tool for tracking their growth and overall health. Just like humans, dogs go through growth phases, and it’s essential to ensure your Beagle is developing as expected. Significant deviations from the expected height milestones might indicate underlying health issues that need attention.

Participation in Dog Shows

For Beagle owners who have an interest in dog shows, knowing your Beagle’s height is crucial. Dog shows often have strict height requirements for various categories. Measuring your Beagle and ensuring they meet these requirements is essential if you plan to showcase your furry friend’s beauty and skills.

Weight Management

While measuring height directly doesn’t determine weight, knowing your Beagle’s height can be a part of the overall picture when it comes to weight management. A healthy weight is crucial for your Beagle’s well-being, and understanding their size can help you assess whether they are at an appropriate weight for their height.

Training and Exercise

Lastly, knowing your Beagle’s height can also be beneficial for training and exercise purposes. It can help you choose the right agility course settings, jumps, or obstacles that suit your Beagle’s size and abilities.

Conclusion on How to Measure Beagle Height

I hope that my tips helped with your question “How to measure beagle height?”. By following these simple steps and using the right tools, you can accurately measure your Beagle’s height at home. Whether you need the measurement for practical purposes or to monitor your Beagle’s growth, this guide provides you with all the necessary steps and visuals to make the process easy and effective.

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