2 Proven Reasons Why Do Beagles Like to Sleep Under the Covers?

If you have a beagle, you may have noticed that they love to snuggle under the covers with you. This is not just a cute habit, but a natural behavior that has some benefits for both you and your furry friend. In this article, I will explore why do beagles like to sleep under the covers, and what you can do to make them comfortable and happy.

Why Do Beagles Like to Sleep Under the Covers?

The Burrowing Instinct

Beagles are descendants of wild dogs that used to live in dens and burrows. They inherited a strong burrowing instinct that helps them feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Burrowing also helps them regulate their body temperature, especially in cold weather.

Beagles are also hunting dogs that were bred to chase small animals like rabbits and foxes into their holes. This means that they have a natural curiosity and drive to explore hidden spaces. Sleeping under the covers is a way for them to satisfy this urge and have some fun.

The Bonding Factor

Beagles are very social and affectionate dogs that crave physical contact and attention from their owners. They see you as their pack leader and want to be close to you at all times. Sleeping under the covers with you is a way for them to bond with you and show their trust and loyalty.

Beagles also enjoy the warmth and coziness of being under the covers. They feel relaxed and calm when they are surrounded by soft fabrics and pillows. They may also associate this feeling with their mother’s care, as puppies often sleep in a den with their littermates and mom.

Here are more ways to bond with your beagle:

  • Proper communication: Teach your beagle some basic and essential commands, such as sit, stay, come, etc. This will help you and your beagle understand each other better.
  • Regular exercise: Beagles are energetic dogs that need physical activity to stay healthy and happy. You can take your beagle for walks, runs, hikes, or play fetch with him. This will also help you spend quality time with your beagle and strengthen your bond.
  • Teaching tricks: Teaching tricks to your beagle is not only fun but also beneficial for his mental stimulation and confidence. You can teach your beagle to shake hands, roll over, play dead, or anything else you can think of. Make sure to reward your beagle with treats and praise when he performs well.
  • Balanced diet: What your beagle eats affects his behavior and mood. You should feed your beagle a nutritious and balanced diet that meets his needs. Avoid giving him too many treats or human food, as this can cause obesity and health problems. A healthy beagle is a happy beagle.
  • Play: Play is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to bond with your beagle. Any game he enjoys is fine, as long as you’re doing it together. You can play tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, chase, or anything else that makes your beagle excited. Play also helps your beagle release stress and boredom.

How to Make Your Beagle Happy Under the Covers

If you don’t mind sharing your bed with your beagle, there are some things you can do to make them comfortable and happy under the covers.

  • Make sure your beagle has enough space to move around and breathe under the covers. You don’t want them to feel trapped or suffocated by too much fabric or weight.
  • Provide your beagle with their own blanket or pillow that they can use to burrow into. This way, they can have their own cozy spot without disturbing your sleep or taking up too much room.
  • Keep an eye on your beagle’s temperature and hydration under the covers. Beagles can overheat easily, especially in summer, so make sure they have access to fresh water and cool air. You may also want to use lighter or breathable fabrics for your bedding.
  • Train your beagle to respect your boundaries and signals under the covers. You don’t want your beagle to jump on you or bite you in the middle of the night. Teach them to wait for your invitation before getting under the covers, and to leave when you ask them to.


What does it mean when your dog sleeps under the covers?

It’s not surprising that your dog enjoys lying beside you and sometimes sleeping under the covers. This behavior is a sign of affection and a way for your dog to show that they care about you. By sleeping next to you and protecting you at night, your dog is indicating that they see you as part of their pack.

Do Beagles like to sleep with you?

Beagles, like many other dogs, really enjoy cuddling with their owners. It’s not uncommon for them to try jumping onto your bed in the morning to get some affectionate hugs. One thing to note is that Beagles can experience separation anxiety because they have a strong attachment to their owners and genuinely enjoy being in their presence.

Why Do Beagles Like to Sleep Under the Covers

Why do dogs have to be touching you when they sleep?

When your dog sleeps with you, it gives them a comfortable spot and a feeling of safety. This desire to be close to you during sleep is a natural instinct for security and protection. As the head of the household and a figure of authority to your dog, they feel most secure in your presence.


Beagles like to sleep under the covers because it makes them feel safe, comfortable, and loved. It is a natural behavior that stems from their burrowing instinct and their bonding factor. If you want to share your bed with your beagle, make sure they have enough space, air, water, and respect under the covers. You will both enjoy a good night’s sleep and a stronger relationship.

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